Digital Strategy Consulting

Our work

Shift Learning can provide essential online marketing training for the educational sector. Our digital strategy consulting advisors have worked with a number of educational and medical organisations, helping them improve the effectiveness of their traditional and digital marketing methods, whilst increasing their market reach.

We have worked with numerous clients across the education sector, including:

We have particularly strong experience in branding research, where we implement a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to gain an understanding of an organisation’s brand. Our digital strategy consulting team have worked with well-known UK universities and professional societies, ensuring they improve their professional communications whilst reaching their target audience successfully.

Our specialisms

We are experienced in social media auditing. By conducting an in-depth analyses into what customers, users and students propose via social media, we can help our clients understand how they’re being perceived. That way, Shift Learning allow publishers, universities and other organisations in the education sector to perceive how the public view their new products and services such as a courses and book series. This digital strategy consulting methodology is particularly effective for products aimed at younger audiences such as students, who are often active social media users. We have worked with major ELT publishers including Cambridge University Press on international projects in the area, helping them to understand and achieve the needs of their English language learners.