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Scott joined Shift Learning as a Research Assistant following work with the University of Warwick as a Social Research Assistant and King’s College London as a Policy Research Assistant. Scott has experience in conducting extensive desk research, interviews, focus groups and editorial work within the academic sector. He is currently being trained in the specific qualitative and quantitative methodologies and the software used alongside these at Shift Learning in order to explore the challenges faced by those in the education sector.

Before joining Shift Learning, Scott studied Sociology at the University of Warwick where he first developed his research skills and gained an interest in sectors relating to social research, including education. He also studied Sociology at a postgraduate level at Warwick, where as part of his degree he carried out a dissertation encompassing detailed analysis on a range of materials relating to the UK’s referendum on EU membership. This dissertation gave him the opportunity to engage not only with a range of qualitative research methods, but also the grounded theory which is essential to Shift’s research structure.

Scott Lampon

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