Accessibility information

Accessibility Statement

At Shift Learning we are committed to website accessibility. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact Helene Moran. We are continually trying to improve the experience for all our visitors so your feedback will be gratefully received.

Accessibility Features


This website has been designed using cascading style sheets. This means that the presentational elements are separate from the content of the site to allow it to be more easily read by screen readers. No tables have been used for layout within the site to improve the experience of those using screen readers.

Skip links

At the top of each page, links have been provided to allow those navigating using the keyboard to skip past content repeated on each page. Users can choose to skip to content, skip to main navigation, skip to the 1st column or to skip to the 2nd column.

Increasing font size

Buttons in the top right hand corner allow users to increase or decrease the font size of the page. However if you require further enlargement of the text you may want to use the magnification tools available in your browser. Below we have listed some useful shortcut keys for magnifying text using IE, Firefox and Chrome.

  • To enlarge the font size (characters) displayed, press Ctrl + “+”
  • To decrease, press Ctrl + “-“