Scholarly publishing audience and competitor research

The Royal Society of Chemistry needed a better understanding of the value and impact of their academic journal CERP. In-depth interviews, e-survey, competitor analysis and literature review allowed Shift to paint a detailed picture of the publication and the sector.

Publishing and media companies
Alumni survey and segmentation analysis

We conducted an eSurvey with almost 6,000 alumni, followed by online focus groups and then a behavioural science workshop to make the results truly actionable.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Module-choice workshops with students and future learners

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully adapted from face-to-face to collaborative online workshops in order to explore current and future students’ perceptions and experiences in depth.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Student satisfaction survey analysis

We analysed 11,200 responses from the University of London’s Student Experience Survey (SES), providing a global overview, as well as in-depth insights at programme and teaching centre level, and comparisons to the previous edition.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Exploring research culture

A high-profile study, involving 94 interviews, 4 co-creation workshops, an online survey with over 4,000 responses, and a comprehensive literature review.

Public sector and not-for-profit
Interviews exploring the market for a new careers service

We provided insights to how schools currently interpret the Gatsby Benchmarks, as well as how much interest exists for a new careers service proposition.

Public sector and not-for-profit
Schools pilot of a digital learning tool

Sumdog needed to understand schools’ reactions to changing their subscription model. 16 schools were part of a pilot, using Sumdog over the course of a year and participating in feedback sessions with Shift.

Publishing and media companies
Parents’ needs around home-learning tools

20 interviews with parents in the UK and US were conducted to explore what they sought in home-learning tools and how to improve the Sumdog tool to best support this and encourage subscriptions.

Publishing and media companies
Brand perception eSurvey and interviews

Through 5 initial cognitive interviews, 22 in-depth interviews and a comprehensive eSurvey with 4,500 responses, we provided CUP Academic with a solid understanding of priority areas for their strategy.

Publishing and media companies
Interviews around primary chemistry resources

We conducted 40 phone interviews with primary teachers who taught science to explore their experiences and challenges, as well as their perceptions of RSC services.

Public sector and not-for-profit
Higher Education strategies research

We carried out 8 in-depth interviews for a leading HE service provider to identify trends, similarities and differences around the strategic direction of universities since similar research 2 years earlier.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
The Network research

We conducted desk research and a series of interviews to provide rich insight into The Network's customer base, particularly the needs and challenges they face.

Awarding organisations
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