Research Culture in the UK

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) commissioned a report on research culture, conducted by the Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) – Vitae, Shift Learning, and the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN). The goal was to create a knowledge base of UK research culture initiatives, supporting UKRI's contribution to the development of a Good Practice Exchange, which aims to consolidate and harness existing activities and initiatives relevant to research culture for the benefit of researchers, research, and society.

Public sector and not-for-profit
PhD Community Research

The Brilliant Club is an educational charity that supports less advantaged students in accessing higher education. Their long-term aim is for all researchers in the UK to be aware of them and to feel motivated to support their cause.  They commissioned Shift to conduct research into: the levels of awareness of The Brilliant Club among PhD and academic researchers; attitudes towards the organisation; and how best to tailor their messaging to effectively engage with the academic community

Public sector and not-for-profit
Evaluation of Enterprise Experience Programme

The Enterprise Experience Programme (EEP) was designed as an Access and Participation (APP) intervention to tackle the significant gap in progression to graduate employment or further study for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Shift were commissioned by UAL to evaluate the EEP’s impact in the short term. UAL will investigate medium and long-term impacts later on.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Primary teacher survey

Pentatonic are a sustainability consultancy that specialise in working with big brands and Fortune 500 companies to implement sustainable products and services. They were working with a client to develop new classroom storage solutions for UK primary schools. As part of this product development, they needed to conduct research with teachers to understand more about their classroom storage challenges and requirements.

South Thames Retrieval Service focus groups

The brief The South Thames Retrieval Service (STRS) is responsible for transferring critically ill children from district general hospitals throughout the South East to children’s intensive care units in London. STRS wanted to review and potentially overhaul the way in which it teaches nurses caring for these unwell children in regional hospitals. Key objectives were […]

Public sector and not-for-profit
Student recruitment events research 

A UK university student recruitment team were keen to understand the opinions and needs of teachers and higher education advisors across a variety of schools and sixth-form colleges to explore what, ultimately, makes the university stand out from competitor institutions.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Competitor intel, institutional solutions  

Springer Nature wanted competitor insight to support the development of a new division, encompassing a number of platforms and products across three key areas: research, data & analytics, and content. Nature were looking to better understand these markets, and the competitors within them.

Publishing and media companies
Cardiff School of Management Executive Education research

Cardiff School of Management wanted to better understand the executive education market in terms of current and future trends – to create a strong strategy for their professional and executive education programme and to differentiate it from competitors.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
School activities review

A university school wanted to reflect on their school activities and to better understand potential new directions. They undertook a multi-stage process internally to do so, and commissioned Shift to conduct the third stage of this research.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
Level 2 language qualification research

The National Extension College (NEC), a not-for-profit distance learning provider, wanted to explore the potential viability of an online level 2 language qualification – looking for evidence to support decision-making.

Public sector and not-for-profit
Student research

Stratford BID wanted to look into how they could best support students living in the Business Improvement District area, and boost the economy in the original town centre in the process.

Building a professional development programme

Northumbria University and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust partnered to develop a professional development programme that transformed organisational culture. They wanted to explore the potential for the programme to reach even more audiences within the public sector.

Universities, HEIS and FEIS
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