A Russell Group university

Alumni survey 2019

The brief

The marketing and alumni teams of a Russell Group university commissioned research to better understand the needs of their alumni base in terms of how they think, feel and act. In addition to exploring needs and preferences, the university wanted to gain a deeper understanding of alumni connection and engagement behaviour to inform future strategic decisions.

The approach

We developed an engaging online survey with up to 46 questions in collaboration with the university. Questioning was developed to allow for benchmarking and future tracking. We received a response rate of 7.4%. To maximise the results, we developed a number of key performance indicators, including individual ‘warmth’ and ‘engagement’ scores for each respondent. Advanced analyses were conducted, such as a key driver analysis to better understand alumni connections and a cluster analysis to explore the different segments present within the sample.

The value

Along with delivering a full visual report and presentation at the client’s offices, we provided summary reports for key alumni groups. Over 20 individual department reports were developed to provide a snapshot of results that were benchmarked to the full sample. We also provided access to Q Reader to allow a deeper dive into the data.

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