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Brand perception eSurvey and interviews

The brief

The Academic division of Cambridge University Press (CUP) were looking to measure brand perception for different market segments in order to align their positioning with customer expectations. Based on Shift’s previous work with other organisations and expertise in the area, the publisher commissioned Shift to devise a brand perception study. The research required global reach, as well as representation of the diverse audiences.

The approach

  • To clarify the research objectives and refine the list of characteristics to be tested, Shift conducted a kick-off workshop with staff in the Academic division, and 5 cognitive interviews with the key audience.
  • A comprehensive eSurvey was devised as a result and sent to CUP Academic’s audience lists. A reduced set of questions was disseminated internally in the division to benchmark results. The survey received over 4,500 responses from a global audience.
  • In addition, we carried out 22 in-depth interviews with selected audiences to explore further the reasons behind brand perceptions in key segments.

The value

Analysis of the data provided the client with a range of visualisations – including heatmaps – to understand CUP Academic’s brand position. Using correspondence analysis, a series of brand ‘moon plots’ were developed to map how CUP is perceived against a set of competitors. Brands were plotted on a map to indicate the associations with a set of attributes, as well as the distinctiveness amongst the brand set. A fully integrated report of all findings, cross-tabbed by respondent type, provided CUP with a solid understanding of priority areas for their strategy. We were also able to provide an interactive online dashboard for them to explore the data and visuals in depth.