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Brand tracking survey

The brief

Shift Learning had been running a brand tracking eSurvey for Pearson College London since 2013. The 2015 survey had two key objectives:

  • To track awareness of Pearson College London amongst key audiences and benchmark this against competitor institutions
  • To establish what messages are being picked up by key stakeholders

The eSurvey looked to provide data on these core areas, collected in a stable manner to allow for sound comparisons over time and to help widely understand the context in which Pearson College London operates.

Our approach and methodology

This project used a quantitative methodology, consisting of an eSurvey sent out to 3 key audiences:

  • Year 13 students looking to study Pearson College London offered courses at HE level
  • Parents of children looking to study Pearson College London offered courses
  • Careers advisors.

The eSurveys were adapted to suit each of the 3 audiences, covering the following areas:

  • Awareness of Pearson brands
  • Awareness of competitor institutions from a pre-defined list of institutions offering similar courses to Pearson College London
  • Sources/channels of information about HEIs for each audience
  • Further actions taken when researching HEIs
  • Likelihood to recommend Pearson College London and competitor HEIs, resulting in Net Promoter Scores for use in future benchmarking.
Delivering results and value to our client

Pearson were given deliverables in the form of:

  • Individual reports for each target audience, exploring all areas of awareness and marketing channels in depth
  • An overarching executive summary, drawing together all 3 strands of the research
  • A face-to-face presentation and discussion of the findings.

For each target audience, Shift Learning were able to deliver insight that helped Pearson College London to see how they are currently positioned against competitor institutions and to identify key channels to target these key audiences. Through use of this stable eSurvey template, Pearson College London were able to run the same study again, allowing for longitudinal tracking of brand awareness.