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Student attitudes towards digital resources

The brief

Cengage commissioned Shift to support their Student Voices project, an ongoing mission to understand the thoughts of undergraduate students around their studies, future goals, and use of and attitudes towards digital resources. The study ran over 2 years, with 3 different phases, through a series of online surveys sent out to current undergraduates in the UK, EU and South Africa. Phase 3 of the research was carried out during the period of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore additional insight was sought around these experiences.

The approach

In collaboration with Cengage, a survey was developed and sent out through various channels between 2018 and 2020. The channels included Shift contacts, Cengage contacts and external data. Findings were analysed and reported on at each phase (early 2018, late 2018 and mid-2020), with additional data added on to the current data set each time. The final data set was based on 1,547 student responses.

The value

Through a collaborative effort, Shift were able to effectively support Cengage with the study by analysing the quantitative findings and delivering highly visual reports at each phase. The final 2020 report also compared insights between phases. The final research results provided useful insight for Cengage to take forward in their marketing activities.