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Exploring Markets for English-Medium Learning

The brief 

Following some qualitative research regarding English-Medium Learning (EML), Cambridge University Press wanted to explore the market size, policy drivers and areas of opportunity around EML implementation, as well as the pain-points of delivery. The research sought to understand schools’ needs around resources, assessment, training/CPD and consultancy in supporting them with EML delivery. 

The approach

Shift Learning conducted a global e-Survey, provided in 5 languages, collecting a sample of 775 responses. The survey was disseminated during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was thoroughly tested and piloted before being sent to ensure it was as appropriate and as engaging as possible for this audience. A recruitment plan that highlighted the various channels that would be used for the dissemination was created, to help track the effectiveness of different channels. The final survey received good engagement and led to interesting additional insights. 

The value

The research allowed CUP to validate certain assumptions in this area, as well as unearth some useful and thought-provoking additional insights. A clear visual report of findings, along with the final data tables was provided. On top of this, Shift delivered a virtual presentation to the CUP team to discuss the insights further and present potential recommendations for CUP to consider.