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First Biannual Brand Tracker

The brief 

Nature Research were looking to instate their biannual brand tracker in order to track users’ awareness and perceptions of the brand over time. The research aimed to highlight any lack of awareness of the Nature Research brand and flag potential confusion with the Springer Nature brand by benchmarking results. Nature Research chose Shift Insight to run the tracker due to our existing working relationship, as well as our research expertise and experience with the key audience and subject matter.

The approach

  • In collaboration with Nature Research, Shift Insight devised a short 10-question survey, which could be completed quickly by respondents. ​
  • The survey included questions that could act as a benchmark for future surveys to track awareness and perceptions of the brand. It also included a few demographic questions, with the aim of highlighting specific groups with lower awareness. ​
  • The survey was sent out via Shift’s own panel (e.g. librarians, researchers and lecturers), as well as via Nature Research to readers, ensuring there was a mix of awareness levels. ​

The value

  • The visual report provided the client with an in-depth analysis of survey response data, including an analysis of the key drivers of opinion toward Nature Research. ​
  • The report recommended useful and actionable steps that Nature could take to increase awareness and perception of the brand among key audiences. It also provided recommendations for the next tracker survey.