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London Borough of Newham

Improving reputation and perception of Newham schools

The brief

The London Borough of Newham have made significant progress in the education standards of Newham primary and secondary schools.

They want to close the disparities that exist between perception and reality to ensure that primary care givers and residents of Newham are fully aware of the quality of Newham schools and the education they offer.

Shift Learning was commissioned to conduct research into the drivers behind the current perceptions of education in Newham and to provide an integrated and effective communications and marketing plan addressing multiple stakeholders, ready for implementation in the 2013/2014 academic year.

Our approach and methodology

The intense 8-week project consisted of three phases involving over 121 primary care givers residing in Newham.

  • Application of qualitative methodologies including 10 focus groups, 50 in-depth telephone interviews, and 2 stakeholder engagement workshops.
  • Collaborative development of interview scripts and guides within 1 week.
  • Analysis of 1000+ contacts to create an effective recruitment strategy that could evolve during the project.
  • Transparent communication via regular progress calls and meetings supported by an automated Excel progress dashboard and underpinned by PRINCE2 project management standards.
  • Analysis of responses using leading data analysis software Atlas.ti.
Delivering results and value to our client

The Shift Learning team brought critical market research and higher education experience to Newham, involving:

  • Detailed reports of findings and analysis delivered within 1 week of phase completion and illustrated with infographics and respondent quotes
  • One final integrated report across all phases
  • A Comprehensive and integrated communication and marketing plan for short and long term delivery of 50+ recommendations
  • The provision of complete anonymised transcripts of all interviews and focus groups