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Interviews exploring the market for a new careers service

The brief

Based on our rich experience of exploring and evaluating the potential market success of new services and products for the UK educations sector, Shift were commissioned by Ansbury Guidance to conduct research investigating potential interest in a new careers service proposition they were considering for schools. Seeking to refine the mechanics of this potential careers service, Ansbury Guidance were interested in understanding how schools interpret and address the Gatsby Benchmarks, and what important considerations they should bear in mind to ensure it is an attractive and useful service.

The approach

  • The project was exploratory, with research objectives that required detailed responses around potential drivers to purchase a service that is now in the very early stages of development. Therefore, a purely qualitative approach was adopted.
  • To ensure the research obtained responses from a wide range of schools, both in terms of type and location, we adopted a methodology based on interviews with designated careers leads or SLT members within a carefully selected group of schools. This enabled us to capture the perspectives of both urban and rural schools, who we expected to face different challenges in terms of careers service provision and to exhibit different levels of interest in the service based on their context.

The value

  • The research provided Ansbury Guidance with a clear understanding on how schools currently interpret the Gatsby Benchmarks, and which elements of it they find particularly difficult to address.
  • The research also ensured Ansbury Guidance had a deeper understanding on how much interest existed in their new service proposition, and how it could be modified and enhanced to better meet the needs of schools.