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Leadership and management development interviews

The brief 

  • The Oxford Group had developed new value propositions – aiming to build on and strengthen their areas of expertise, as well as re-position the Oxford Group to attract new business. ​
  • The core aim of this research was to explore reactions to this leadership and management development proposition among their target markets. The research also explored key questions around organisational priorities in leadership and management, criteria in selecting providers, and the impact of COVID-19 on development needs.

The approach

  • We conducted 30 hour-long interviews with leadership and management development key decision-makers in large-scale global organisations, based in the UK, USA, France and Asia. ​
  • Outlines of the new propositions were shared as stimulus materials in the interviews, allowing us to capture respondents’ gut reactions alongside deeper questioning to understand the level of appeal.

The value

  • We were able to provide the Oxford Group with detailed feedback on reactions to their new development propositions.​
  • We also delivered recommendations on how this offer could be further developed to really stand out to core decision-makers, in terms of content, messaging and communication style.