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Libraries research

The brief

The Scholarly Networks Security Initiative (SNSI) wanted to understand what academic librarians understood about cybercrime and what their main concerns were. They particularly wanted insights on what the librarian community thought about illegal websites that offer access to scholarly resources that would normally be accessed from publishers’ platforms.

The approach

Shift developed a survey in collaboration with SNSI. The survey was disseminated via a combination of data suppliers, data from SNSI members and Shift’s own lists, which allowed Shift to reach respondents from around the world. As part of the survey, academic librarians were shown a range of statements and asked to rate how much they agreed with each one. In the analysis stage this revealed librarian attitudes towards illegal websites that offer access to scholarly resources. 

The value

The report and presentation were shown to SNSI members, including large and small publishers, learned societies and university presses, and others involved in scholarly communications. The findings grew their understanding of how best to support librarians with cybercrime, and how to tailor communication to different groups. ​