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Market research report around equipment databases, sharing and utilisation

The brief

Jisc were investigating the business case for hosting and delivering an equipment sharing portal for UK universities. Having gathered a large amount of source material, the Jisc project team commissioned Shift Learning to analyse and assimilate the material to create a market research report to be used as evidence on which to base the business decision.

Our approach and methodology

The project required the Shift team to quickly familiarise themselves with the technical subject matter, as well as with the wider policy landscape for asset sharing in UK HEIs in order to provide informed analysis and recommendations for this project. The work involved the analysis of the following source types:

  • Research reports and Government policy documents
  • Summary notes from interviews with universities, funders and other stakeholders
  • Conference findings including presentations slides, and notes from presentations
  • An online survey to researchers/end-users

Shift used an agile methodology to provide a rolling set of report sections for comment by the Jisc project team, incorporating feedback from the team during writing across a short two week deadline.

Delivering results and value to our client

The Shift team quickly familiarised themselves with the technical nature of the subject matter and produced a clear concise report to a very tight deadline on which Jisc could confidently base their future decision making including:

  • A clear summary of the policy landscape and the role of different stakeholder groups in equipment sharing
  • Analysis of the perceptions of stakeholders and end-users/researchers with a clear outline of the benefits of asset sharing for each group
  • Institutional case studies and asset sharing workflows
  • Reflective conclusions and recommendations for next steps