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Nature Masterclasses Online 2024

The brief

Shift has supported Nature Portfolio with course development since 2021. Nature commissioned us again in 2023 to conduct research to help develop their Nature Masterclasses Online (NMO) 2024 courses.

This included developing topics and content ideas for 3 courses in the pipeline through interviews with end-users and a survey to purchasers and end-users.

The research had a global scope, with a particular focus on the US, Europe and China.

The approach

This research was split into two phases: interviews and an eSurvey.

  1. We conducted 20 qualitative interviews with end-users covering three potential course topics, lasting 45-minutes each. Throughout the qualitative phase, initial findings from each interview were shared with Nature Portfolio using a Mural board.
  2. Following the interviews, we wrote a report and developed a survey guide with questions on the three course topics, training preferences and e-learning preferences. Questions were adapted for both audiences: purchasers and end-users. Shift disseminated the survey to our researcher panel, opt-ins from the previous year’s research and Nature Portfolio’s contacts, and received 857 usable responses.

The value

Shift worked collaboratively with Nature Portfolio throughout the research process, conducting regular meetings and implementing feedback. We provided in-depth findings from both qualitative and quantitative research on each course area’s importance, pain-points and rewarding aspects, which will be used to support Nature Portfolio’s development of course content and structuring.