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Higher Education Policy Engagement

The brief 

Shift Learning was commissioned by Newcastle University to support the development and dissemination of an online survey to explore engagement with policy across the higher education sector. The project sought to influence knowledge exchange and policy engagement, as well as change at local, national and international level, by providing evidence of the levels of interest to engage with policy activity from more diverse knowledge sources. The research also set out to understand the current barriers to this, as well as the solutions.  

The approach

An online survey was developed in close collaboration with Newcastle University and other stakeholders, such as AUA, ARMA and Technician Commitment. The survey consisted of 25 questions, with a completion time of approximately 10 minutes. The survey was engaged with 461 times, including partial responses. Following data cleaning and removal of incomplete responses, a final usable sample of 286 was used for analysis. Processing of the data included coding of open questions, using a code frame devised in collaboration with Newcastle University. 

The value

Shift developed a comprehensive report detailing the survey findings. A subsequent presentation with key stakeholders was scheduled to workshop the results and outcomes. This will contribute to capacity building, local growth regeneration and public and community engagement. Increasing the capacity and diversity of the community that engages with policy will directly increase avenues to influence on UK Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, and University Strategic HEIF focus areas. ​