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NMO courses 2022

The brief 

Nature Masterclasses Online (NMO) has been developed by Nature Research to provide professional development training for researchers. ​

Following Shift’s previous work to support the development of new courses to be launched in 2021, Shift was commissioned again to support the development of NMO’s 2022 courses. 

The approach

A mixed-method approach was used, involving:​

  • Stage 1: 20 qualitative interviews with early-career and mid-career researchers based globally to explore the tasks, and their pains and gains related to potential course areas.​
  • Stage 2: an eSurvey to validate the results of stage 1. An online survey was sent to potential purchasers and end-users of NMO courses, to test content for topics set to be launched in 2022. The survey had a global reach. Following data cleaning, a final sample of 485 respondents was used for analysis. 

The value

Shift worked in close collaboration with Nature Research throughout the project, providing a report at the end of each methodological phase, as well as data tables and access to Q Reader files. Regular meetings took place to ensure insight was shared continuously, and to enable Nature Research to meet tight deadlines and launch courses on time.