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Building a professional development programme

The brief

Northumbria University and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust partnered to develop a professional development programme that transformed organisational culture. They wanted to explore the potential for the programme to reach even more audiences within the public sector.

Our research aimed to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of the current programme, the decision-making process for external training and appropriate price points.

The approach

Shift conducted a series of 16 online interviews with audiences in the public sector, including both current and prospective NHS clients.

Each interview was 45 minutes and took place over Teams. Comparisons were made between sectors, as well as between current and potential clients. 

The value

Shift synthesised insights gathered from current and prospective clients to develop evidence-based suggestions for how the programme could reach more audiences. For each sector, we explored the decision-making process when organising external training, which department would benefit the most from it, critical success factors, clear outcomes and appropriate price points.

The insights will be used to inform how the programme could be further developed and how best to market it to each public sector audience.