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Organisational membership

The brief

The Assessment Network, part of Cambridge University Press and Assessment, wanted to ascertain the appeal of offering organisational membership as an alternative option to their current individual membership, and commissioned Shift to conduct research exploring the idea.

The Assessment Network were also looking to test reactions to three proposed structures for how organisational membership might be packaged, as well as testing price considerations for each offer.

The approach

  • We took a qualitative approach to the research, conducting 13 in-depth interviews. The interviews took place across a selection of current individual Assessment Network members, as well as non-members – testing appeal across both audiences. Respondents worked in a variety of large and small awarding organisations, professional associations / chartered institutes, higher education providers and English as a second language organisations.
  • We ensured there was a split of UK and international respondents in our sample, to make sure The Assessment Network’s full suite of clients had their voices heard.

The value

We delivered a detailed report outlining our findings on the appeal of organisational membership, exploring the organisation types most likely to find this offer appealing. The report included actionable recommendations on which membership structure best resonated with the audiences. We also gave recommendations on the optimum price range to offer organisations, based on their size and geographical region.