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Parents’ needs around home-learning tools

The brief

Sumdog were looking to better understand the needs of parents in supporting home learning. With this research taking place at the height of COVID-19 lockdown measures, it was important to understand how parents’ home learning support needs may have changed. Sumdog were interested in finding out what parents sought in digital home leaning tools, as well as how they searched for them. This was all with the aim of improving the Sumdog tool to better suit parents’ needs and encourage parent subscriptions.

The approach

Shift conducted 20 depth interviews with parents in the US and England, exploring their priorities in home learning, what they looked for in digital learning tools, where they searched for these and their thoughts on Sumdog and how this could be improved.

The value

Shift presented interim findings to key stakeholders at Sumdog to allow for discussion of emerging findings and to feed into ongoing work on the parent app development. Following this, Shift produced a full report on the interview findings, with recommendations for development of the tool. Sumdog have since been using the insight from this report to help guide development of the parent product.