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Piloting a Secondary School History Product

The brief

ALCS had been working on developing an online resource aimed at history teachers, and had created a pilot version for testing. ALCS were looking to generate a top-line view of teacher reaction to the pilot to feed into internal meetings.  

The approach

  • Shift developed a 15-minute online survey for history teachers. ​
  • The survey included a link to the pilot resource with relevant screenshots, followed by 5 open questions to gain a detailed understanding of the teachers’ initial reactions. ​
  • 55 teachers took part in the research, and Shift were able to gauge how likely each would be to use the product and provide ALCS with quotes illustrating why. 

The value

  • Shift created a digestible report for ALCS to use during discussions on moving forward with the product and extending it into further subject areas. ​
  • The survey provided insights into usefulness of the product, strengths and weaknesses of the pilot and what features were favourable with history teachers, to help with product development.