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Results Analysis usability research

The brief

Cambridge International Examinations were looking to develop an online resource that allows teachers and exams officers across the world to analyse the results of their student cohorts. Our research aimed to test the usability, design and value of the service to ensure that it meets the needs of users.

Our approach and methodology

Shift Learning conducted usability research with 7 teachers (including 2 exams officers) and 7 CIE regional sales representatives:

  • From 7 different countries – including native and non-native English speakers
  • From a variety of different subjects
  • With different levels of data analysis knowledge

It was essential to conduct interviews with representatives as well as teachers, as they are likely to be the first port of call for product support and sales of the service.

We conducted 40-minute usability tests remotely with a prototype of the site using GoToMeeting software – which allowed us to:

  • Interview respondents on their opinions of designs and functions
  • Observe how respondents navigate through the interface
  • Set user tests to verify assumptions on usability principles
  • Highlight new issues that may confuse users
Delivering results and value to our client

Shift Learning prides itself on providing actionable findings. Cambridge International Examinations received:

An in-depth report delivered within one week of the end of testing including:

  • A full usability review of the site
  • Analysis of the perceived value of the site – including times of year when it will be highly valuable
  • Short-term goals and long-term development aims
  • Embedded video clips demonstrating actual use

A face-to-face presentation at Cambridge International Examinations offices including:

  • First-hand discussion with interviewers
  • Additional video clips
  • Discussion about future development options