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Schools pilot of a digital learning tool

The brief

Sumdog were considering changing the subscription model for school access to their resource. Before doing so, they needed to understand the appeal of the proposed new model to schools. This research looked to understand schools’ reactions to the new model, while exploring general thoughts on  Sumdog as a tool.

The approach

An initial online focus group was conducted to test school communication pieces around the pilot before recruitment began. 16 pilot schools were then recruited and trained by Sumdog. These schools were tasked with using Sumdog over the course of a year and being involved in the following feedback stages:

  • 2 face-to-face focus groups, with representatives sent from participating schools.
  • Online survey to all participating teachers.

Shift worked very closely with Sumdog in the design and implementation of this pilot study, with emerging findings feeding into the design of later iterations of data-collection tools. Covid-19 lockdown measures were implemented during the course of this research project. Shift worked closely with Sumdog to adapt our methodology to ensure the safety of participants, while still being able to explore the research objectives thoroughly.

The value

Shift kept Sumdog updated with emerging findings over the course of the pilot study through written summaries of focus groups, as well as meetings and discussions with the project team. Shift also delivered a full report with recommendations for development of the Sumdog resource and the subscription model. Sumdog have since been using these findings to feed into trialling a new subscription model.