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Spelling and grammar

The brief 

Sumdog wanted to develop the spelling and grammar provision of its online adaptive response program, and so Shift was commissioned to explore teachers’ current practices for teaching spelling and grammar, including current resource use, priority areas and challenges. 

The approach

Using a qualitative methodology, we:​

  • Developed recruitment emails in collaboration with Sumdog. ​
  • Conducted 2 x 90-minute online focus groups with teachers, literacy coordinators and senior leadership team members. ​
  • One group was made up of individuals who had never used Sumdog before, recruited using Shift’s panel of educators. ​
  • The other group comprised Sumdog users, recruited using Sumdog’s client lists.

The value

The insights gained from this research will be used to help Sumdog understand where to focus its future resource development in order to ensure its program is of optimum use for teachers and students.