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City & Guilds came to us wanting to explore potential strategy options for a teaching and learning support product in a key subject area. They wished to understand customer satisfaction with current products, and to test a series of hypotheses to see how they could develop a product to meet the needs of both institutions and their students.

Our approach and methodology

Shift Learning took a qualitative approach to this research project, since City & Guilds needed to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of their market and the views of key stakeholders.
The research took part in two stages:

  • The first stage consisted of 45 in-depth interviews with key decision makers in institutions, both users and non-users of City & Guilds support products.
  • The second stage consisted of four 60 minute stakeholder meetings testing new product developments with key subject stakeholders from different institution types. These involved a product demonstration from a City & Guilds representative, allowing us to test the effectiveness of this product with key decision makers.
Delivering results and value to our client

Shift Learning delivered a final report with short, medium and long-term recommendations for City & Guilds’ strategy around teaching and learning support products.

The in-depth meetings with stakeholders led to recommendations of further developments to support products helping City & Guilds to inform their strategy.