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Testing a new proposition for the Education Show

The brief

i2i were looking to update their existing Education Show offer to ensure that the show delivers an optimal experience for new and existing visitors. As part of this, i2i had developed a new proposition for the show, which they sought to test in the research. This comprised several elements, including a new dateline, seminar content and structure, and exhibitors for the show.

Our approach and methodology

The project involved consulting a range of educationalists to give a rounded view of key audiences’ reactions to the new proposition. We using interlocking recruitment quotas agreed in consultation with i2i, to ensure that we represented both education leaders and classroom teachers from primary and secondary level schools, who were both loyal attendees of the show and those who had never attended it:

  • Focus groups were held at the show to consult with those attending the show. Immediately after this phase, we delivered an initial summary of findings allowing i2i to gauge visitor reactions to their new proposition, as well as allowing them to shape the second round of research accordingly.
  • Focus groups were then conducted after the show to consult with those who, crucially, had not attended the show in 2015. Again we produced a summary of findings immediately after this phase had been completed which allowed i2i to assess key themes prior to receiving the full report.
Delivering results and value to our client

By ensuring that we represented the views of all key audiences of interest, we were able to give thoughtful recommendations around which elements of the new proposition would be successful with whom, as well as providing actionable recommendations around how the proposition might be developed further to suit the needs of those considering attending the show.

We provided i2i with a comprehensive written report including rich and detailed qualitative insights as well as a condensed executive summary and a visual handout to communicate our findings effectively.