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The Network research

The brief

The Network, part of Cambridge Assessment, provides training and resources for anyone who works with or has an interest in assessment. They were keen to find out who their core members were and explore the needs of those in key segments and territories.

The approach

We advised The Network to take a qualitative approach in order to get in-depth feedback on the proposition. We interviewed 30 people, over the phone, in key roles across schools, awarding bodies, higher education, professional associations and government bodies. They were based within the UK and internationally to reflect The Network’s market and gain insight into international considerations. This was supported by some brief desk research to get an idea of market sizing and key competitors, which was informed by the interviews, in which respondents highlighted key sources.

The value

Shift gave The Network rich insight into their customer base, particularly the needs and challenges that they face, as well as valuable feedback on their new training and CPD proposition. We used this to create some key recommendations around areas they should explore further. This also included recommendations against certain areas of consideration and markets in which their services would have less impact. We gave this to them in the form of a visual report and online presentation to deep dive into key themes and issues.