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Research Culture in the UK

The brief

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) commissioned a report on research culture, conducted by the Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) – Vitae, Shift Learning, and the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN).

The goal was to create a knowledge base of UK research culture initiatives, supporting UKRI’s contribution to the development of a Good Practice Exchange, which aims to consolidate and harness existing activities and initiatives relevant to research culture for the benefit of researchers, research, and society.

The approach

  • To gather evidence, the project team used desk research, a literature review, the development of a research culture framework, a Call for Evidence, and four community co-creation workshops.
  • The focus was on mapping initiatives thematically, as well as by sector, coverage, level of funding, and whether initiatives involved collaboration or co-production, evaluation, and practice sharing. Cluster analysis was used to explore the initiative groups and themes further.

The value

  • 347 initiatives were identified.
  • A research culture framework was created, which enables initiatives, current and future, to be considered and understood contextually.
  • The report offered a comprehensive overview of the diverse initiatives aimed at changing research culture in the UK, highlighting key findings, including challenges in terminology, gaps in understanding initiatives outside academia, and the need for robust evaluation.
  • The report underscored the crucial role of meaningful engagement, inclusivity, and adaptability for the success of the Good Practice Exchange in promoting positive changes in the research and innovation ecosystem.

Read the public-facing report on the UKRI website