Education market research reports

Sharing knowledge is the core of education and more crucial than ever when the learning sector faces unprecedented challenges. We are therefore passionate about using our data and insight expertise to compile education market research reports that inform and inspire learning organisations.

Open-access education market research reports

In addition to offering bespoke research designs to underpin clients’ decision-making, we produce our own education market research reports to equip institutions and organisations with actionable data. We give these insights freely to help the learning sector through the post-COVID storm.

On the line

Covid online assessments

Are students satisfied with online exams and how they are invigilated? Do they want them online in the future? What do they see as the positive and negative impacts?

Speaking up

University Covid response

Are students happy with their university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What are the best and worst things that students feel universities have done in response?

UK alumni engagement

Education market research reports - alumni

Survey of more than 900 graduates from over 130 UK universities to provide benchmarks. How connected are alumni? What Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are university groups receiving?

Lessons lost and lessons learned

Education market research reports - schools in lockdown

Survey of over 500 UK educators in primary and secondary schools. What are teachers concerns around lockdown learning gaps? What are their plans for bridging the gaps?

Public-facing research for researchers

Academia and other research environments can be professionally and personally challenging. Several organisations have called on Shift Learning to investigate and compile education market research reports around the impact on researchers’ wellbeing and career perspectives.

We are proud to have supported the Reimagine Research campaign for Wellcome by conducting 90 cognitive interviews with researchers, as well as a comprehensive survey into research culture experiences, attracting over 4,000 responses. The final report is publicly available on the Wellcome site and you can read more about our mixed-methods research in this case study.

Wellcome logo

We were subsequently honoured to become the analytics and reporting partner for the CACTUS Foundation Mental Health Survey, involving over 13,000 respondents across 160+ countries. The Joy and Stress Triggers survey report we compiled is available for free on the CACTUS Foundation website and includes actionable insights to improve research culture.

Cactus Foundation Mental Health Survey logo

We are also helping organisations understand and respond to the impact of COVID-19 on their communities. This includes Nature’s 2020 postdoctoral researcher survey, which captured over 7,000 perspectives on how the pandemic has affected their research, mental health and career prospects.

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Public-facing schools assessment evaluation

Many of our education market research reports are client confidential, but we are pleased that our evaluation report for Rising Stars is available online. The resources and assessment provider commissioned us to carry out an evaluation study over a full academic year with schools using the Progress Tests in all core subjects. The purpose was to establish how schools were using the tests and the impact they had on teaching and learning. 

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Interested in your own research?

We offer a range of qualitative, quantitative and desk-based education market research services to organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors.