Lessons lost and lessons learned: COVID-19 lockdown schools research

Why COVID-19 lockdown schools research?

Parents and teachers have been forced to undertake extraordinary measures to fill the educational gaps created by school closures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, the government announced a £1bn funding package for schools to help pupils catch up on lessons missed during lockdown.

But what were teacher perspectives on the learning gaps? What plans were they making? And what did they think of the government’s funding?

Lost learning is a real concern

To rapidly contribute quantitative insight to COVID-19 lockdown schools research, we conducted a survey with over 500 educators in the 3 days following the government’s funding announcement. We sought to uncover perceptions and concerns around lost learning, as well as likely measures to combat these within schools, and reactions to the stimulus package unveiled.

  • 61% indicated they were concerned (28% deeply) about the amount of learning that has been lost during school closures.
  • There was a muted response to the government’s funding package, with only 16% feeling it would be effective.
  • Targeted interventions were seen as key, with emphasis on small group booster sessions, 1-2-1 tutoring and IT equipment.
  • When asked for any concerns about the proposed national tutoring programme, 72% of English respondents selected ‘tutor quality’, while over half had concerns about leaving out large parts of the student population.

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