Medical Market Research

Our medical market research spans a range of sectors including cardiology and nursing, with projects looking at diverse areas such as medical publishing, clinical guidelines, CPD and training. These projects have given us a strong understanding of the structure and operation of medical and healthcare professions, both in the UK and abroad.

Over the course of our quantitative and qualitative medical market research, we have worked with medical staff at different stages of their career, from students to established medical professionals. This means that we appreciate the differing professional needs of medics and healthcare professionals, and are able to give considered and viable recommendations to our clients through the process of medical market research.

Shift Learning have worked with high profile medical societies, publishers and membership organisations. Our clients in the sector include the European Society of Cardiology, BMJ, the Royal College of Nursing, Elsevier and the ENCP.

Our work in the medical and healthcare sectors includes:

  • Desk research: Our team of in-house researchers have worked on desk research for publishers, universities and awarding organisations. All our desk research is conducted professionally using the latest statistics, government reports and search tools. For further details see our desk research page.
  • International recruitment and interviewing: We recruit and interview education and medical professionals across the globe, and have conducted medical market research across all seven continents in a range of different languages. For further details of our projects and clients, please see our international recruitment page
  • Online and in-person focus groups: Our qualitative researchers are skilled in focus group recruitment and moderation, and have a strong understanding of the education and medical sectors. We are the proud owners of the London Viewing Room, a professional qualitative market research facility.
  • Research at international congresses and other events: We have conducted medical market research at international congresses for organisations such as The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and The European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).
  • Quantitative research such as e-surveys: We have carried out large-scale e-surveys in the medical and healthcare sector from a wide range of topics including healthcare branding to medical education. Our online research surveys cover a wide variety of languages.
  • Usability and accessibility testing: Shift Learning have helped educational and medical organisations develop new website functions and technologies that meet the needs of their market. We have carried out remote and face-to-face usability testing in a range of different languages for English Language publishers, universities and awarding organisations. Our market research case studies provide more information.

What makes us different?

  • We have conducted in-person and telephone interviews in a range of different languages, including Spanish, Polish, Swedish, German, French, Arabic, Turkish and Urdu. Our team is highly experienced in conducting international recruitment.
  • We work closely with medical organisations, helping them understand the needs of professionals and students within the sector whilst demonstrating how to overcome any challenges likely to occur.
  • We appreciate that medical organisations and educators often have large-scale, international audiences, and our experience in this area allows us to meet the specific needs and challenges of medical market research.