Professional bodies and scholarly societies

Shift Learning works with a diverse range of professional bodies and scholarly societies providing membership research. Our client list includes the Association of Accounting Technicians, European Society of Cardiology, the British Computing Society, the Gerontological Society of America, and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

Due to the effects of changes in legislation and policy; members demanding more for their money; and the need to attract and retain members – we have worked on projects connected to membership services, qualifications, training and publications.

We offer a range of services to professional bodies and scholarly societies, including:

Conference fieldwork

Shift Learning offers a unique service of research fieldwork at academic and medical congresses. We have a team of researchers we can send out to conduct research both in the UK and internationally.

Membership research

It is important for professional and scholarly societies to be responsive to the needs of their members. Shift Learning has experience of a huge number of membership research projects investigating the needs and preferences of society memberships including research looking at member satisfaction, branding research, cluster and segmentation analysis, needs analysis and work looking at the make-up and pricing of membership packages. We are also able to investigate potential new member types and offer recommendations for how to make your offer compelling to these groups.

Publications research

Professional and scholarly societies are often also generators and distributors of a huge amount of academic or professional content including journals, magazines, newsletters, guidelines and books. Shift Learning are able to conduct research projects in these areas, assessing membership satisfaction with the current offer or research new potential areas for publication. We can also use our expertise in digital technology to investigate the user experience of digital products.

Research looking at the implications of policy developments

New government policy often can have an impact on member activities. Shift Learning can help professional societies to investigate the impact of these changes on members, enabling them to prepare strongly evidenced responses to policy makers or to devise support strategies for members.