Education focus groups

Education focus groups are at the heart of our qualitative research at Shift. We are the proud owners of the London Viewing Room, our professional market research viewing facility where we hold all of our London groups. We have the flexibility to run focus groups across different locations to meet the requirements of a particular project, including major city centres such as Manchester and Birmingham. We also regularly run online groups for international research projects.

Our approach

Since our formation in 2002 we have run many education focus groups with the help of professionals including teachers, academics, students, parents and have developed a strong understanding of the challenges facing the education sector. Our experience in the sector allows us to speak the same language as our participants, understand the challenges they may be facing and provide informed recommendations based on their feedback.

We are experts in each of the following areas of qualitative research:

Focus Group and Interview Recruitment

We are experts in focus group recruitment, and have a wide network of established contacts within the education sector, which we use to find the most suitable participants for your research projects. We are committed to delivering ethical research and all our recruitment follows the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. This guarantees our respondents anonymity and promises that their details are not used for any sales or marketing purposes.


All of our education focus groups are run by trained moderators with extensive practical experience. They are experts in creating in-depth focus group guides and know how to steer group discussions to effectively address a wide variety of research objectives. Meanwhile, our co-creation workshops bring together the producers and consumers of a particular product or service, encouraging them to share ideas and find solutions to suit both parties. These workshops are run on a larger scale than traditional focus groups (25-30 participants) and therefore bring together a wider range of perspectives.

Online focus groups

Our online focus groups enable us to carry out research with respondents in a wide range of different geographical locations. We have conducted a variety of international online groups over the past decade, with respondents across all seven different continents. Online education focus groups can be offered as synchronous groups and asynchronously over several days or weeks according to your needs.