Education market research

We are specialists in education market research. Learning keeps changing and we understand that clear, robust data is the foundation for dealing with the new challenges and opportunities that the education sector has to offer.

We believe that the delivery of excellent experiences, initiatives, qualifications, services and products in education is improved by listening – both to learners and to those who deliver and create educational experiences. Our work facilitates this, giving insight to a range of companies and helping them to be more effective, creative, innovative and responsive.

Our specialism in the education market research gives a number of benefits to our clients in both the public and private sector.

We are devoted to education

We are immersed in education issues every day and researching in this area is what we like to do. We are enthusiastic about our work and dedicated to the sector. Many of our team have backgrounds in education.

We understand the complexities of the education sector

Organisations within the education sector often operate in complex and changing environments, with multiple stakeholders and decision-makers, often located within international or local regulatory frameworks. We are used to these complexities and we are fluent in the sometimes complex language of education. You won’t need to explain to us the difference between the QCF and the NQF or tell us what a VLE is. Our fluency in the world of education also enables us to have really productive conversations with respondents and write guides and questionnaires that generate real insight.

We are flexible, adaptable and creative

The education sector is not one where a one-size-fits-all solution will do. We are experienced in creating the best methodology design for our clients, which takes into account: the individuality of each client, each project and each respondent group. As a small organisation we are able to work closely and flexibly with our clients to deliver the best possible approaches to produce valuable research results, which in turn provide a solid foundation to inform strategy. We’re also not afraid to admit if something isn’t working and to work with you to adapt accordingly.

We offer excellent value for money

We understand that organisations in the education sector often do not have big budgets. We don’t have big corporate headquarters and overheads, we keep our cost low and strive to give all our clients maximum value for money.

We work across the following sectors in the education field:

We are experts in the following education market research methodologies:

Qualitative research

  • Education focus groups
  • Telephone interviews
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Ethnographic studies

Quantitative research

  • Online research surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Field research with our team of face to face interviewers
  • Advanced quantitative techniques – key driver analysis, conjoint studies, cluster analysis and segmentation, perceptual mapping

Desk research

  • Competitor analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Market sizing

User testing

  • Expert reviews
  • Face-to-face testing
  • Remote testing
  • UK / international

International education research

  • eSurveys conducted in multiple languages
  • Focus groups and interviews conducted in multiple languages
  • User experience research in education