Josh Shift Learning

Josh Dorr

Research Executive

Having conducted a variety of roles within education training and policy throughout his career, Josh combines this knowledge base with a passion for research and analytical thinking as a Research Executive with Shift Learning.

Since joining Shift Learning, Josh has harnessed an ability for designing effective research methodologies that focus acutely upon the client’s objective and garner relevant and well-informed conclusions. Having enjoyed working for a wide range of clients, such as the Open University, ASCL, Pearson and Cambridge Assessment, Josh is proficient in an array of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. A well-versed public speaker, his approachable manner enables him to construct an environment within interviews and focus groups where respondents are cooperative and honest in their discussion. Adept on a variety of specialist research software, Josh is versatile and thorough in his approach to constructing surveys, investigating data and presenting findings.

In his previous role as a University Liaison Executive at a leading teacher training programme, Josh was tasked with leading an engagement strategy with aspiring teachers across the UK network of universities. This experience developed an appreciation for the challenges the education sector faces, instilling a motivation to support and enhance the UK’s leading education organisations that ultimately led him to a career at Shift Learning.

Prior to his vocational career, Josh studied History at the University of Nottingham. Specialising in medieval history, Josh thoroughly enjoyed the process of analysing primary and secondary sources and deducing an accurate story from the evidence.