Tilly Barkway

Junior Research Executive

Tilly has a keen interest in both qualitative and quantitative research, and uses different methods to draw accurate conclusions and recommendations for clients. She facilitates projects at every stage from in-house recruitment to reporting, which gives her and in-depth understanding of the research as it develops. She utilises a number of different qualitative approaches including: telephone interviews (UK and international), usability tests, and assisting with focus groups. On the quantitative side she uses software such as Snap Surveys and Q reader to analyse and interpret data. Tilly has worked with a range of clients such as LEGO Education, Oxford University Press, and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive health.

Prior to Shift Learning, working in the commercial field, Tilly performed desk research and studied data to create a strategy to increase positive customer reviews for a furniture company. The research included looking at competitors and using data to find areas of improvement for key stakeholders.

Studying History at the University of Leeds ignited Tilly’s passion for research, where she specialised in colonial India, which she considered through a gendered perspective. Her first class dissertation was titled “The Construction of Femininity in Colonial India: The representation of women in the poetry of Sarojini Naidu”. She performed extensive desk research and integrated a multitude of different sources to explore the aims of her research.

The education and medical sectors have always attracted Tilly and exploring these through research is done with enthusiasm and with an analytical eye.